Seal Of Approval Ltd

Student Benefits

Seal Of Approval provides student benefits that include:

  • Chance to spend at least one day a week outside of the classroom to gain practical experience
  • Improved confidence and motivation
  • Gain better communications skills
  • Raising of self confidence
  • Find out what skills employers are looking for
  • Chance to develop a ‘can do’ attitude and work ethos
  • Pride in achievements
  • Happiness and pride in work accomplishments
  • Gain first-hand experience of working conditions
  • See how and where people earn their living
  • See how people relate to one another in the workplace
  • Help to clarify your ideas about the world of work
  • Make informed choices about future career plans
  • Able to study a job role that will underpin qualifications studied within school
  • Contract signed by all parties to help ensure successful placement
  • Support throughout placement to ensure higher chance of successful placement
  • Regular placement throughout the year resulting in continuity and valuable training for student
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