Seal Of Approval Ltd

Employer Benefits

Seal Of Approval offers a range of employer benefits including:

  • Selective screening interview process at school to ensure that students suit organisation requirements
  • Potential employees, opportunity for pupils to be taken on by placements at the end of work experience
  • Improved links with schools
  • Ticks all the corporate social responsibility boxes for larger organisations
  • On demand support throughout placement to ensure higher chance of successful placement
  • Intense support available if required at any time during the placement
  • Regular placement throughout the year resulting in continuity and valuable training for student
  • All Health and Safety and Risk Assessments carried out by SOA staff
  • Disciplinary procedures that can be implemented by SOA staff immediately, if needed, to protect all parties
  • Contract signed by all parties to help ensure successful placement
  • An opportunity to develop student’s skills needed for work, leading to potential recruitment
  • The company’s profile can be raised among students and the local community.
  • Your company can develop recruitment channels through links with schools and colleges
  • Additional resources for your company
  • Staff development opportunities, staff can act as mentors
  • Students can experience the realities of working life preparing them for the real world
  • Students may approach employers for work in the future
  • No fee for your company throughout the process
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